Claudia Chambi

My name is Claudia Chambi Ortiz, and I am from La Paz Bolivia. I have a degree in Linguistics and Languages of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés. I speak Spanish, English and a bit of German.

I have been teaching Spanish in the institute for 3 years and I like my job a lot because it is so interesting to show my language to other people.  The classes are usually individual classes, and this allows me to focus on the needs of my students and their requirements. I like conversing with my student in order to know what they want to do or what needs to be strengthened. From day one the student speaks Spanish and the classes are communicative at all times because we always focus on the 4 skills; writing, reading, listening and speaking so that the student can use this more effectively in daily life.

In my free time I like watching films, going out for a coffee with my friends and talk about many things. I also like traveling and discovering new places and people.  I like listening to music most every day.