Alejandra León

Alejandra León, I have a degree in Social Sciences of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés- La Paz-Bolivia, Specialty in Migration and Community Work Univ. Freiburg-Germany, exanimate DELE, level B1-B2.  I speak French, English, German and Spanish.

I have been teaching for years.  I first started in Bolivia in small communities teaching children and adolescents.  Later I had the opportunity to travel to France to teach Spanish in schools and colleges.  I have been part of Instituto Exclusivo for six years and I have had the chance to work with various age groups and nationalities.

My teaching methods are varied because they have to be adapted to the needs and personality of each individual student.  I generally work with the following methods:  the Active Participative Method, the Student Psychology based Method and the Inductive Method.

My hobbies include; reading, performance arts, sports and spending time with friends.