Roeland Peeters

My name Is Roeland L Peeters and I was born in Belgium. I lived in Ireland, Italy, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina. I speak 6 languages, of which I teach 3 (English, French and Dutch).

I am the Academic Director in I.E. and it’s my job to make sure students and teachers are happy…

I started teaching in 2003 in Italy, then I came to Bolivia and taught in SpeakEasy where I also was the Academic Director.  Later I came back from Argentina and Ecuador and started teaching in IE.

I have taught people from all over the world including the Bolivian Diplomatic Academy where future Bolivian diplomats are trained and various offices in the United Nations and European Union and some embassies.

When I teach I like to teach students to think in the language rather than just explain the rules.

My pastimes?  My cat, music and “La Condeza” my motorbike.